Background image of a calm, blue river runs through central oregon flatland. low mountains can be seen in the distance


Celebrating Earth Day in Salmon Nation

From northern California to Alaska, our bioregion is one of the most biologically rich places on the planet.

At Ecotrust, Earth Day is a chance to celebrate the place we call home. Twenty six million people share this home in a region of the world we like to call Salmon Nation. It’s a place that spans hundreds of millions of acres between San Francisco and Anchorage and generates billions of dollars in economic activity each year. And yet is only a sliver of the range that Pacific salmon once ran. Their historic range, stretching roughly from the Mexico border to the Bering Sea, reminds us of our heritage — what it was and, maybe, could be again.

Salmon Nation offers a framework for our thinking — a nature state, not a nation state. A place based not on arbitrary geopolitical boundaries, but one that instead emphasizes what it means to be a citizen of planet Earth and the relationships and connections — marine and terrestrial, freshwater and saltwater, coastal and interior, urban and rural, and the broad distribution of wealth between them.

Salmon Nation is not one place but many — a portfolio of life histories playing out in response to the specific conditions, challenges, and opportunities of each place. Salmon Nation recognizes that diversity and abundance is the default condition of this place, and our work is to figure out how to organize our communities and economies in a way that sustains, or even restores, that wealth into the future.

Wherever you make your home, Salmon Nation is a story about the connection between people and place — loving where you live, and leaving it better than you found it.

Thank you for joining us in the adventure!