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Design Week HQ at the Redd: April 22-28

This month, we are proud to host the headquarters of Portland Design Week at the Redd on Salmon Street.

Design Week at the Redd will run April 22-28, including opening and closing events, with engaging and diverse programming filling out the week. Most events at headquarters are free, and range from networking opportunities, to food cart design considerations, to collective drawing sessions.

Of primary interest at the Redd during Design Week is the concept for Portland’s Green Loop, a proposed six-mile continuous active transportation corridor that will also function as a park and an urban revitalization tool. The Green Loop, which will be the subject of a weeklong exhibition at Design Week HQ, plans to connect Portland’s entire inner-city in a pedestrian-friendly manner that strengthens the intentionality and well-being of the districts and neighborhoods that are encompassed by its route. The Green Loop visioning process is far from over; the Design Week exhibition at the Redd will double as a participatory conversation on the project, intended to further develop its identity and character.

In addition to the interactive exhibition, multiple events at HQ will address the details and impact of the Green Loop in-depth. On Monday, April 24, attendees can explore the loop’s design charrette with University of Oregon Architecture. Later that same evening, interested parties can catch Ecotrust’s Director of Investment Strategy Nathan Kadish, Franklin Jones from our Redd partner B-Line, and many other civic leaders in conversation with one another to envision the future city landscape intended to grow and evolve along the Green Loop. The event, titled “Portland’s Green Loop: The New Central City Rising,” invites attendees to imagine “a bold new Portland destined to rise along this city-shaping work of infrastructure.” Come to learn how creative innovations like the Redd, which combines the restoration of a historic industrial building with the vision of a new economy, can fit into this future.

While it is certainly spotlighted at this year’s HQ, the Green Loop isn’t the only topic of forward-focused panels. Another Ecotrust mover and shaker, our Food and Farms VP Amanda Oborne, will be speaking at a closing-night event that also has an eye to the evolution of Portland. Dreaming the Future: Portland 2035 is scheduled for the final night of Design Week and aims to close the festival with a bang: a “free-for-all brawl of big ideas,” with no idea too ambitious to be included. Come to be inspired by the wildest schemes these speakers can dream up for the dynamic shapes that our city can grow into.

We are thrilled to be a part of this event, which highlights the best of the motivation and creative spirit that make this a special place to be. Join us! Visit the Design Week events page to view a complete list of offerings, register for events, and learn more.