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Leaving this place better than we found it

Join us as we take a look back at our work and ask, "How did we do?" Download the 2014 Annual Report here.

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A letter from our founder, Spencer B. Beebe

The myth that matters most today is planet Earth, our relationship to it, and to each other.

Such an expansive worldview requires that we embrace the whole life system and address the health of both human and nonhuman conditions in everything we do. Every action, every project, every business, every policy, every initiative worthy of our wholehearted support must target the intersection of social, economic, and environmental wellbeing. Every transaction should strive to enhance both people and place.

This doesn’t mean our work need be complicated or difficult. It is a simple test: Does our work improve the environment? Not just do less harm, but does it actually restore and improve water, soil, air, climate, biodiversity? Does it create and improve job opportunities across a wide spectrum of society and make economic common sense? Are we giving to get or just getting?

For 24 years, Ecotrust has been working to leave this place we call home better than we found it. We can’t do it without you.

Together we restored forests, streams, farmlands, and fisheries across our bioregion while investing in local communities — from protecting one of the last intact coastal estuaries in Oregon, to managing over 30,000 acres of forestland to provide clean water, wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration, and jobs for local communities, to helping provide hundreds of our youngest and most vulnerable preschoolers with access to healthy, local food in their classrooms.

We are only just beginning; there is much to do to inspire people around the world to imagine a more reliable prosperity for both people and planet.