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New Foods Marketfinds a homeat the Redd

We welcome a plant-based grocery story to the Redd on Salmon Street, which is now at capacity.

New Foods Market, a mission-driven online grocery store, is the newest member of the Redd on Salmon Street tenant community. Hybridizing the ease of online ordering with the rigor of values-based business, New Foods Market is uniquely positioned to connect well-intentioned yet busy shoppers with products they can feel good about supporting.

Founder Joe Miller describes New Foods Market as, “Portland’s online farmer’s market that runs year-round.” Through an easy, online shopping experience, eaters can access local, sustainably-sourced, plant-based groceries for next-day delivery in all of Portland or pick up their groceries at New Foods’ headquarters in the Redd.

The tenant community at the Redd represents a more regenerative food economy — one that connects independent farmers, ranchers, and fishers in the region with urban buyers and food processors who are part of a growing sector of businesses with strong focus on social benefit.

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“Being at the Redd has been amazing because of the collaboration and community. I’m constantly meeting other misson-based food entrepreneurs.”
—Joe Miller

The core principles at the heart of New Foods Market — eat local, eat plant-based, and reduce, reuse, recycle — inform every aspect of their service. All of NFM’s packaging is either reusable, compostable, recyclable, or upcycled. Customers can return 100% of the packaging they receive in their grocery delivery for recycle and reuse, and will receive reimbursement for all returned containers, à la the bygone business model of the milkman.

But while the on-the-ground tactics may be vintage, the impetus is a response to our present and rapidly changing world: Solving for climate change, reducing waste, and re-linking growers and eaters are key to building strong, equitable communities, improving economies, and restoring the natural systems that sustain us.

“We strive to be the face of sustainable food innovation and bringing the community in on the action,” Miller said. “We want to provide access to Portland’s best mission-based, sustainably sourced and artisanal food products to the whole city. It’s as easy as pressing a few buttons on your phone.”

Now at full tenant capacity in Redd West, businesses already occupying the campus are quickly strengthening their networks, becoming more interdependent and building their capacity for serving the region.

At the Redd, New Foods Market is able to access a suite of resources not typically available to early-stage businesses including access to new products via other tenants, warehousing, cold storage, and commercial kitchen space all on one campus.

“The Redd supports our business by allowing us to scale, while remaining small,” Miller said. “We are able to utilize the resources of a warehouse, while staying lean in our core operation of distribution, packaging, and production.”

Beyond accessing the essential nuts and bolts of a food business, Miller has found a community that shares his ambition to revolutionize peoples’ relationships to what they consume.

“Being at the Redd has been amazing because of the collaboration and community,” he said. “I’m constantly meeting other mission-based food entrepreneurs, most of whom share our core missions of staying local and sustainable. We have learned a lot from other food businesses and have become anchored into the center of the local food economy.”