Our 2017summerinterns

From urban green development to business growth support for mid-scale farmers, our summer interns are helping us advance projects across the board.

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Carlina Arango

Food & Farms and Development Intern

Carlina is a recent Grinnell College grad with a B.A. in Anthropology and Spanish, and a concentration in Environmental Studies. Her interest in food systems stems from a passion for the intersection of social and environmental justice.

During her internship, she will be working with both the Food & Farms and Development teams to develop a program that will help mid-scale producers scale their business to meet growing demand. We believe assisting these “Ag of the Middle” farmers, ranchers, and fishermen is key to growing a food system that combines local values (ecologically- and socially- responsible production methods)  with the capacity to serve institutions and other large customers that have the budgets to create transformative change through their purchasing decisions.

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Janelle Gowgiel

Knowledge Systems Intern

Janelle is a rising Sophomore at Williams College, intending to study Biology and Public Health, while pursuing interests in science, statistics, and an interdisciplinary approach to health.

She will be working to help us identify and begin to collect a set of measures to define and describe this place we call home, researching resources for measuring the impact of Ecotrust’s work, and exploring ways to communicate data and statistics to the public.

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Chloe An

Green Urbanism Intern

Chloe is a rising senior at Pomona College majoring in Environmental Analysis with a concentration in Sustainability in the Built Environment and minoring in Computer Science. She is particularly interested in green, sustainable development and its implications for social equity, especially in urban spaces.

While at Ecotrust, Chloe will be working on an economic assessment of a neighborhood greening effort in Southeast Portland, Greening the Jade. She will also be researching best practices for green, equitable urban development. With cities projected to host the majority of our population in the coming years, planning decisions in urban environments are increasingly important. Ecotrust is working to make sure improvements to urban green environments are equitable and inclusive.

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Shanti Dubey

Urban Green Environments Research Intern

Shanti is a sophomore at Pomona College, where he is majoring in Economics and Philosophy.

At Ecotrust, Shanti is working on an analysis of the Jade District’s urban greening project where he will help measure economic benefits of green infrastructure in an area that has historically been deficient in green space. Additionally, he’ll work with us to understand the impacts of green space development on gentrification. Whether in developing urban environments or supporting markets for rural producers, Ecotrust seeks to understand triple bottom line impacts – from social equity to economic development, and sustaining natural systems for the benefit of all.