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Knowledge Systems

Knowledge Systems is the analytical arm of Ecotrust. A mix of art and science, we crunch numbers and perform systems analysis and then craft elegant tools, maps, and data visualizations to aid clients in decision-making for a rapidly changing world.

From economic impact assessment and ecosystem service evaluation, to software development, cartography and decision support, we have delivered a range of award-winning tools and services to businesses, agencies, and organizations seeking opportunities to improve social equity, environmental integrity, and economic security.

We work in an open-source, collaborative environment, building on state-of-the-art approaches and the work of diverse communities of practice. Highlights of our recent work include:

Working with the Labor Network for Sustainability and to research alternative job creation strategies for the five-state Keystone XL region.

Supporting the state of California with surveys, spatial analysis, and interactive mapping tools.

Launching Forest Planner—an interactive mapping application to help landowners optimize forests for multiple benefits.

Developing a prioritization tool in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service to direct resources to the highest value watersheds.


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Jon Bonkoski

Knowledge Systems Program Director


Denise Chin

Measurement and Evaluation Manager


Noah Enelow

Director of Economic Research and Evaluation*


Laura Ford

Director of Special Projects


Teresa Gaddy

Green Workforce Academy Program Manager


Ryan Hodges

Senior Software Developer


Miakah Nix

Community Resource Strategist


David Pollard

Senior Software Developer


Jocelyn Tutak

Senior GIS Analyst


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