What do we mean when we call our building “green"?

A decade ago, when we renovated a 100-year-old warehouse, our priorities were both to honor and share its deep history and to utilize the best environmental building technologies and materials.

The Natural Capital Center is our way of making real our commitment to building from our past to create a future that is more reliably prosperous for people and nature. Now that this place exists, we uphold that commitment through our daily choices. Contact our events team to learn more

hammer and nails


We’re the first historic renovation in the nation to become Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certified. We are PGE Earth Advantage Certified (now known as Earth Advantage). During renovation, if we couldn’t reclaim wood from the existing structure or a nearby desconstruction, we sourced Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood.

heart recycling


We are a RecycleWorks Award Recipient. We have a compost bin and comprehensive recycling containers.

three drops of water


98% of our building’s storm water is managed on-site through our bioswales and ecoroof, which also helps regulate our building’s temperature. This means it stays out of the Willamette River, where it doesn’t belong. We are the first privately owned building in Oregon to install waterless urinals.

lightbulb with rays


We’ve banned the use of plastic water bottles in our event facility. We have ample bike parking. We’re a stop on the Portland Streetcar line. We use self-adjusting lighting sensors, solar panels, and increased access to natural light sources.