Background image of Green bike with black SoupCycle labeled carrier in front of old rust colored double doors


Pedaling soup with a mission

A freshly minted tenant at the Redd on Salmon street, SoupCycle takes its values to the streets, delivering delicious meals to Portlanders by bike.

By Nate Schlachter
Owner, SoupCycle

At SoupCycle, we provide busy professionals and families from-scratch, organic meals, delivered sustainably by bicycle.

Three days a week we make lunchtime soup deliveries to offices and homes for quick and easy family meals throughout the city — from Columbia Ave in the North to the Sellwood neighborhood in the South. You’ll also see our bikes downtown and as far east as 75th.

We’ve been delivering soup by bike for nearly ten years, and our continued success will depend on our ability to adapt and evolve as a business to meet the needs of our customers. We have a number of expansion projects in the works that will take SoupCycle to the next level — including our upcoming move to the Redd on Salmon Street, Ecotrust’s hub for helping local food businesses like ours grow.

SoupCycle began with our curiosity around whether or not a bike-based business could be successful. Now, we’re looking back to some of those early questions and realizing that the bicycle is one of our keys to success. In downtown, we are able to make quick deliveries avoiding the time and cost to park. The cost of our bike trailers is much lower than a truck or van. Bikes are also a key element to our branding and core to our mission of providing sustainably delivered meals.

Along with our commitment to delivery by bike, we place a high priority on sourcing locally and organically and want the dollars we spend on ingredients to support as many local farmers and growers as possible. That’s why the collaborative environment among businesses at the Redd is really exciting for us: By moving there, we are able to easily access additional local ingredients because of our proximity to the community of food purveyors that will call the Redd home. In addition, we are already finding solutions for distribution and access to new sales channels.

While tweaks and improvements to our business are inevitable, what doesn’t change is our desire to provide yummy, affordable, and easy meals to busy people, while contributing to the local food economy.

We love the idea of being part of an intentional food ecosystem at the Redd and see our business as a key contributor to this vision.

Check out this video to learn more about SoupCycle's mission and vision.