Megan Foucht

Senior Communications Manager / Interim Communications Director

Born to foresters and raised in Oregon, I’ve been in and around natural resource management in some fashion my entire life. I was drawn to Ecotrust because of the hope a triple-bottom-line approach inspired in me. And I continue to be inspired by an organization working to refine and evolve that approach, to be more just, equitable, and inclusive. I’m a writer, project manager, and frequent collaborator with colleagues from across the organization, threading together ideas and words that highlight the heart and how of our mission. However, my favorite role so far has been cheerleader: It is a privilege to tell the story of our work and the people and partnerships that make it possible.

Pronouns: she/her
Location: Baker City, OR

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In our blog, Megan writes about the return of Local Link, a farm-to-institution connecting event, following After a two-year hiatus.

Megan writes in 2020 about Ecotrust’s Rural Reporting Fellow Bethany Goodrich and how community care, reciprocity, and centering Indigenous voices guide her storytelling process.

Featured Projects

A celebration of the determination, wisdom, and continuum of Indigenous leadership across the region

Local Link brings together a growing network committed to building thriving local economies, vibrant urban and rural communities, and equitable access to good food.