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Archiving the voices of our food community on a bi-monthly podcast

A young couple journeys on motorcycle to find the best biscuits and gravy in America. A chef attends her first animal slaughter. Winemakers look 50 years into the future and imagine how their craft will evolve in the face of climate change. These are the buried narratives of our food culture.

Formerly produced by Ecotrust, Underground Airwaves is a podcast now produced and hosted by young farmer Chris Seigel (pictured below with Chef Dan Barber). Chris co-runs Wealth Underground Farm, a diversified organic farm that grows food for 30 families through a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA).

Two photos sit side by side. From left to right: Chef Dan Barber with Underground Airwaves host Chris Seigell; producer Lola Milholland with author and farmer Wendell Berry and her mother, Theresa Marquez.
From left to right: Chef Dan Barber with Underground Airwaves host Chris Seigel; former producer Lola Milholland with author and farmer Wendell Berry and her mother, Theresa Marquez.

Every episode features a guest telling a personal food story followed by an interview. In May, Lola Milholland and her mom spoke with essayist, poet, and farmer Wendell Berry, who recollected a sweet childhood memory of escape and shared his thoughts on the economic value of intangibles (pictured above).

“Continuity is the business of a real culture. The culture carries the knowledge, preserves it, and passes it on from generation to generation. If every generation has to learn again through trial and error what the place can tolerate… then you’ll ruin the place.”

-Wendell Berry, on Underground Airwaves

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48: Eating Year-old Squash with Josh Volk
47: The Hearing Fields with Charles Boardman
46: The Stuff I Obsess About
45: Seeing the Seed with Annie Moss
44: Cooking with Myrtlewood with Secret Restaurant
43: Oysters All Around with Richard Engeman
42: The Broth of the Balut with Theresa Marquez
41: Kickstarting Agriculture with Sid Walters
40: Liberated Breakfast with Ahjamu Umi
39: Going Organic with Nora Pouillon
38: Menu Ready with Wesley Johnson
37: From Lyrics to Legumes with Liz Carlisle
36: A Grand Opening with Manuel Foucher
Bonus: Creating Compost with Ron Spendal
35: Loving Cereal with Arran and Arjan Stephens
34: Building Terraces with Weston Miller
IWK1: The Undefinable Sisters with Liz Calderon and Linda Colwell
33: Dignified Dining with Kris Soebroto
32: Going Bananas with Nicola Twilley
31: Brewing Stories with Brian Yaeger


Bonus: Mapping Connections with Jocelyn Tutak
30: Learning from Weeds with Katrina Blair
29: Cheddar Rising with Greg Drobot
28: City Pigs with Catherine McNeur
27: Belt Loop Beans with Michael Mazourek
26: Chewing the Fat with Render Magazine
25: Baking Baguettes with Sam Fromartz
Bonus: Wilderness Survival with Chris Seigel
24: Loving Dutch Ovens with Ian Harris
23: Celebrating Earth at Cherry Sprout
22: Surreptitious Foraging with Stacey Givens
21: The Apple Tree and Misery with Brian Rohr
20: Wine Futures with Chehalem Mountain Winemakers
19: Eating the Whole Farm with Dan Barber
Bonus: Stories from the Local Hero Awards
18: Spreading Culture with Sam Andemariam
17: Unpacking Meat with Christopher Leonard
16: First Food with Doris Onnis
15: The Value of Intangibles with Wendell Berry
14: Plant Breeding with Lane Selman
13: Painting Food with Mary Weaver Chapin
Bonus: Chicken Grandpa with Lola Milholland
12: Ham Sandwiches with Andrea Reusing
11: The Ticket with John Gorham
10: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop with Secret Restaurant
9: Recipes of Spain with Liz Crain
8: The Bear Who Loved Cheese with Tami Parr
7: Farming Yards with Justin Simms


6: Growing Knowledge with June Colony
5: Community Fermentation with Sandor Ellix Katz
4: Biscuits and Gravy with Brian Wilke
3: Social Grafting with Farm School
2: Forward Food with Adelante Mujeres
1: Listening to Wine with Jo Burzynska