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Looking to harness the latest economic, ecological, and spatial analysis tools to make a difference in your work?
We can help. Here are a few things in
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Ecosystem service evaluation

Stewarding nature’s services — from clean water to carbon storage to soil formation — is becoming a high priority of communities everywhere. Our ecosystem services team maps the flow of these services, takes full measure of their economic value, and develops enhancement strategies in both urban and rural areas.

Software development

Ecotrust’s application developers design and build software tools that derive knowledge from raw data. We harness the expertise of our economists and spatial analysts and bring that to a wider audience through data catalogs, interactive websites, and other tools.

Economic impact assessment

Our economics team delivers deep research and sound analysis for organizations and governments weighing the value of investments in communities and ecosystems; we also measure the full economic costs of development and environmental change through detailed econometric methods.

GIS analysis

Our analysts develop highly tailored map overlays and spatial summaries to inform growth and management decisions.

Mapping and cartography

Cartography has always been one of Ecotrust’s core strengths: We create accurate, beautiful visualizations of important values and vulnerabilities, to drive change and responsible management.

Data collection and management

From tracking down the best available data, to keeping databases current, to serving up regional data for wide public consumption, we stick to the best information management practices in supporting our clients.

Decision support services

Our award-winning spatial analysis and decision-making approaches help visualize complex economic, ecological, and cultural data to give everyone from elected leaders to landowners the power to weigh tradeoffs and make smart decisions.

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Current and recent partners

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, World Wildlife Fund, Surfrider, Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean

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