Seven questionswith Emma Sharer

The Redd's new Operations Manager has made food systems change part of her personal mission — and we think she's found a great place to help make that a reality!

1. Where did you spend your childhood?
The Bay Area was my home front for the first 18 years of my life. Growing up on the border of Menlo Park and Redwood City, California, I learned all of my core school subjects in Spanish and my three best friends were of Mexican, Chinese and Indian descent. From building broccoli towers at farmers markets to Dia de los Muertos festivals to receiving my black belt in Karate at 17, the Bay Area fostered my inner exuberance to always embrace adaptive capacity.

2. What caught your eye about the Redd?
In March 2016, amidst directing a national supply chain and feeling increasingly agitated about global food export practices, I revised my long-term personal vision statement to operate and grow a regional food hub in support of authentic and regenerative food companies and organizations. Upon reading the Redd vision and mission, to say my eyes were caught is an understatement. For months I was unable to stop talking about the space, and the endless opportunity for growth. Since my first job experiences as a teenager selling sustainable seafood, flowers, and organic veggies at farmers markets and throughout my years studying cultural anthropology through food tourism, I am always ardently conceptualizing food system re-design. Through the Redd and our food system partners, we have living proof that we can create thriving, regional food economies.

3. What are you most looking forward to in your new position?
I’m most excited to design and implement systems to foster growth and create a cohesive whole with current and new members of the Redd community. To accelerate and enhance this mission, I’m also looking forward to helping develop the Redd East where people of all backgrounds can joyously convene and solve regional food system problems in an inspiring space.

4. Is there anything you were surprised to learn about Ecotrust and the Redd?
Ecotrust has always been ahead of the game, but discovering the early adoption of the food hub concept was even more uplifting. Ecotrust’s involvement from the get-go of reviving healthy ecosystems in direct cohesion with helping build regional, regenerative food systems is unparalleled.

5. What’s a skill or hobby of yours that people may not know or suspect about you?
Rivers and fish fill deep places in my heart and fly fishing is a highly cherished pastime of mine.

6. When you’re not managing the Redd, how will you be spending your time?
In tandem with seeking out daily, transformative food experiences, I’m a die-hard outdoors adventurer always looking for fresh trails to run, new mountains to ski, and routes to bike. Yoga practice and teaching keeps me balanced, literally and figuratively.

7. What’s your superpower? Or guilty pleasure?
Mushroom foraging deep in the woods after a rainy day.