Cory Carman

Wallowa, OR

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About Cory

Cory grew up in the isolated mountains of Northeastern Oregon as the fourth generation in a cattle ranching family. She attended college at Stanford University, where she came to understand that many aspects of cattle production were associated with environmental degradation and poor human health. She returned to the family ranch in 2003, seeking to raise cattle, not only in a healthier way but also as one of the best tools for fighting climate change and growing healthy food.  

Inspired by the potential and the urgency of this opportunity, she started Carman Ranch Provisions, a company focused on finding market outlets for the cattle, pigs, and other crops raised to build soil health and pull carbon from the atmosphere. With the home ranch as a supplier, the Carman Ranch brand comprises a group of ranchers in the Pacific Northwest who raise a year-round supply of grassfed cattle. Her customers, investors, and producers share her core values of building a new type of food system that can sequester carbon, improve nutrient density in food, and support rural communities.

Although she travels across the country to find beef customers, Cory and her three kids love the mountains and small-town life in Wallowa County, which they call home.