Kathryn Taylor

San Francisco, CA

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About Kathryn

Kat is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Beneficial State Bank, an innovative, triple-bottom line, community development financial institution. Started in 2007, Beneficial State came from a shared vision to start a bank that finances community-based businesses, builds the long-term prosperity of responsible consumers, and supports companies that have a commitment to the environment. Beneficial State has a one of a kind ownership structure — its profits can only be distributed to the Beneficial State Foundation to support communities and the environment. Kat is also a founding director of TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation dedicated to a return to sustainable food production through ranching, tours, research, and school lunch and garden programs. She graduated from Harvard College in 1980 with a B.A. She earned a joint JD/MBA degree from Stanford Law and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, graduating in 1986. Kat serves as Vice Chair of the Capital Committee on Ecotrust’s board.