Susie Lee

Seattle, WA

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About Susie

Susie Lee is an artist, entrepreneur, a convener of community, and a new mother. Her projects focus on technology and art that support and amplify human endeavors. She is currently the co-founder of SoopahGenius, an AI-powered storytelling start up, and the creative director of Thingyverse, a baby-centered organization that performs and presents big theater for small humans.

A graduate of Yale, Columbia, Teachers College, and University of Washington, Susie holds degrees in molecular biophysics and biochemistry, education, and fine arts. Her background as scientist, educator, and artist feed into a rhizomatic and restless intellectual curiosity that is grounded in a strong sense of vocation to impact the world positively and concretely. Previously, she cared for patients at a long-term care facility during a residency that resulted in the award-winning Still Lives portraits. She explored the world of fracking to shine light to the small-town, blue-collar stories of oil workers who wondered out loud why anyone would care about their stories. And she created a dating app to push against the shopping for humans and instead, foster genuine conversation and connections.

Starting the second half of her life with a child, Susie explores and merges the complex, joyfully inconsistent, non-reductive, passionate, playful and intelligent roles of artist, mother, and feminist.