Students on first-ever Intertribal Energy Tour swing into Sundown

When the tour bus rolls into town tomorrow night at Ecotrust, all eyes will be on a very special group of guests. The rock stars we’re excited to welcome are on school vacation—students, to be exact—hailing from twenty-one tribes across Oregon, Washington, and Northern California on the first Intertribal Energy and Technology Tour.

Launched by Redbridge, Inc., a Native American-owned, Portland-based marketing services company, the seven-day tour’s mission is to educate regional tribal youth on renewable energy, tribal utilities, smart grids, carbon offsets and energy-efficiency, energy careers, and to generate awareness of existing tribal renewable energy projects in the region. There are scheduled stops at Warm Springs Water & Power Enterprise, Portland General Electric’s Pelton Round Butte Hydro Project, Smith River Rancheria’s Geothermal Exchange Project, and more.


The Intertribal Energy and Technology Tour bus will stop at Sundown’s last concert of the year. | Photo from Redbridge, Inc.

“With over 500 tribes across the US and 5% of the nation’s natural resources on tribal reservations, energy and technology savvy tribal communities are in a position to generate power and jobs for their communities and lead market transformation. And it starts with educating our tribal youth about the potential. Get them inspired and asking questions and there’s no limit to what they’ll achieve,” says Shannon Hulbert, Yurok Tribal Member and President of Redbridge, Inc., which specializes in consistent delivery of effective and sustainable marketing services to tribes and tribally-owned businesses, energy, and tourism.

Along with Portland General Electric, we are proud to partner with this tour and help promote education that extends beyond the classroom and beyond the school year. Sundown concerts celebrate the intersection of music, green living, and community wellbeing. Students will be able to learn more about energy via our Innovation Showcase members Car2Go, Green Mountain Energy, Zipcar, and Power Past Coal Coalition. There also will be a whole host of local food vendors on hand for the night’s “Honoring FOOD” theme.