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Sundown kicks off Thursday!

Portland's own Typhoon starts us off at our Sundown at Ecotrust Concert series.

We’re getting into full summer swing this Thursday when we kick off our free Sundown Concert Series. On July 5 and each Thursday through the month from 5:30-8:30pm, we’ll feature incredible music line-ups and our Innovation Showcase, highlighting important issues in our region, from water to energy, food to forests. Our stellar roster of participants, including local businesses and non-profits, will host 40-45 interactive, educational booths to inspire creative thinking on economic and ecological development.

We like to think that great music and great food spark the best conversations, which is why Sundown would not be complete without a wonderful list of performers and restaurants to mark the occasion.

Portland’s own Typhoon starts us off on July 5th for their first live show in the Rose City since December, getting some help from fellow locals AU. We’re keeping up the momentum on July 12th with Laura Gibson and Grandparents, followed by Holcombe Waller and Sarah Jackson-Holman on July 19th. On July 26th, join The Builders and the Butchers and Kelli Schaefer as the sun sets on this year’s concert series. Hot Lips Pizza and Laughing Planet will provide delicious eats and libations for each occasion, perfect for enjoying the summer sun. Be sure to head to the Natural Capital Center every Thursday in July to make the most of our Sundown Concert Series–we can’t wait to see you!

We are honored to have the support of the following sponsors for this exciting series.

Umpqua Bank

From investing in local organizations to creating lively gathering spaces, Umpqua Bank is committed to supporting what its customers value most–their communities. Umpqua offers a range of financial services to both families and businesses, often providing resources to community members working to secure an ecologically and economically stable future. Their GreenStreet Lending program funds innovative projects that take on pertinent social and environmental issues, such as clean energy, sustainable agriculture, and green construction. Umpqua is also an enthusiastic sponsor of events that celebrate community and foster a sense of ecological stewardship, and we are happy to have their support for our Sundown Concert Series.

Portfolio 21


Portfolio 21 Investments has been a pioneer in the field of social and environmental investing since 1982. Its concerns about the ecological crisis began nearly three decades ago, and the company continues to critically examine its assumptions and approach every day. Portfolio 21 Investments was designed to address the ecological risks and opportunities of the investment process in the 21st century.  The business and investment case for environmental sustainability has become increasingly clear. Investor demand for a “green investing” approach has never been greater.  Portfolio 21 recognizes environmental sustainability as a fundamental human challenge and a tremendous business opportunity. If you’re interested in learning more about the company’s investment philosophy and strategy, please visit its website at  Its staff blog weekly on environmental issues, financial markets, and macroeconomic news.  You may also be interested in the recent company publication, Peak: Investing at the Edge of Ecological Limits.

Organically Grown Company

The Organically Grown Company is currently the largest wholesaler of produce in the Pacific Northwest, offering strong support to our region’s organic agricultural producers. Through their LADYBUG brand, this employee- and grower-owned company supplies markets with fresh fruits and vegetables from nearly 40 growers from Oregon to British Columbia. While this certainly keeps hungry consumers happy, Organically Grown’s commitment to maintaining a healthy ecosystem, lively communities, and strong economies extends far beyond the supermarket walls. We are excited to have Organically Grown as a partner for Sundown, and we can’t think of a better host for our food-themed innovation showcase on July 19th.

Green Hammer

Green Hammer brings together talented minds from across the design and architecture industries to create beautiful, long-lasting buildings that have as little impact on the environment as possible. By working with local craftsmen, suppliers, and manufacturers, Green Hammer strives to promote a thriving economy within our region. The company makes it a priority to use high-quality repurposed materials and sustainable lumber in its projects, reimagining how we live in the spaces we inhabit. Through creative design, Green Hammer reminds us that place matters, and we welcome their partnership for Sundown.