Antonio Zamora

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About Antonio

Meet Yolotli X. The first portion means “heart” in Náhuatl. X expresses their discontent with patriarchy & colonialism. Also known Antonio Zamora, IV. Their spiritual name, Gange Prasadam, means holy water & holy food and was received while living among Hare Krishna monks in 2013.

Yolotli prioritizes their time for urban farming and building an organization centering the issues of urban food sovereignty and climate justice. They founded The Municipal Eco Resiliency Project aka MERP’ as a participant among many other pursuits. Yolotli also participates in The Come Thru Market program and is committed to build a legitimate BIPOC farm stand business to sustain resiliency in the community. 

MERP’s work is about growing food as an act of non-compliance and resiliency and was realized during trying times protesting Royal Dutch Shell’s highly unethical plan to drill for oil in the Arctic. It was made possible through other mobilizations about climate justice, thereafter. MERP was initiated on Saturday Oct 12th, 2019 with the For The People organization, and since then has been supported by a network of participants from diverse backgrounds, in addition to the support of For the People. 

Yolotli looks forward to receiving mentorship about professional development and accountability.  They ultimately want to understand city code and policies that can help educate alternative living in the city, mobilize community for urban food sovereignty, and radicalize housing opportunities. Food sovereignty has supported liberations for people and land since the beginning of time, and Yolotli would like to materialize a base of support in the city of Portland to advance this work for everyone. With the help from the Viviane Barnett Fellowship and MERP, we can foster a fellowship for a sustainable future.