Insa Evans

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About Insa

My name is Insa, pronounced (inn-zaa). I am a queer, neurodivergent, multidisciplinary artist and tradesperson. I am on the path of rediscovering who I am and have found reflections of who that is by slowing down, listening, and tending the land beneath my feet. I feel most at home with my hands in the soil or drawing what I see or feel. As a budding urban homesteader, I seek to create a more intentional and slower way of life.

I have grown passionate about emergency readiness skills and am learning what that looks like on a community level, especially in the face of climate change. I am also very passionate about healing and getting to the root of issues. I’m growing interested in the connection between trauma and our connection to, specifically our disconnection from the land. We are not separate from nature, we are nature. Through this realization and remembering, I believe deep healing and transformation on a personal and interpersonal level can occur.

I am seeking to learn what it means to be in community….and in time building community and resilience through the growing of medicine, emergency preparedness, deep healing, and creative expression. I have been building a healing garden and food forest on a small plot in the city, with the hopes to share and expand upon it with others one day. In the process of creating this garden, I have been exploring the intersection of placemaking, healing, tending the land, and art, specifically, sculpture, painting, and drawing. I hope to create a project that stems from this intersection. 

The push for me to create a project through this fellowship is driven by my passion and drive to support others in their healing while continuing my own. I want to share with others the literal lifeline art and nature have been for me. By creating a healing garden, a place where people, specifically QTBIPoC, can come to rest, reflect, reconnect and nourish, I trust over time it will become a place where we can safely, easily, and freely be ourselves. I yearn to create a project that furthers nourishment, inspiration, and healing while allowing us to discover, master, and apply our skills, gifts, and abilities. I envision myself growing and preserving food medicine and sharing this skill with others to build self-reliance and in turn communal resilience. By increasing social coherence in our communities, I believe we can liberate ourselves to explore alternative ways of living that are more aligned with nature. This process can also serve to build collective resilience needed to weather what storms that are sure to come in our future.

I am honored to be a fellow of the Viviane Barnett Fellowship for BIPoC land and food justice. I aim to create the foundation of a long-term project for those who feel disconnected, unsupported, and afraid. I look forward to learning from mentors and being in a community that is working on building a more equitable, holistic, and just food system and world. I want to apply my gifts and skills to help solve the root issues in our food system and mend the wounds in our hearts and beyond.