Jackie Leung

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About Jackie

My name is Jackie Leung. I am the Executive Director and a Community Health Worker with the Micronesian Islander Community (MIC) organization. I currently serve as a member on the Oregon Hunger Task Force and at Oregon State University’s Hunger Task Force. I was a Hunger-Free Leadership Institute Fellow with Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon. The work I currently do is centered on addressing food insecurity within the Micronesian communities. I also work in partnership with the local food bank in Marion County to distribute food to the community while also utilizing my nonprofit funds dedicated towards purchasing culturally specific foods.

I plan to address food insecurity through working within food systems to develop ways to create access to foods that are culturally specific and appropriate to the community. I would like to establish a local community garden that grows culturally specific foods for our community. This benefits me professionally and personally because I would be able to bring culturally specific foods that my community could grow instead of spending an abhorrent amount of money at the local stores.

I look forward to building new partnerships with other BIPOC leaders who have the lived experience of food insecurity and who are committed to building a more equitable and climate resilient food system that increases access to affordable and nutritious communities. I want to see a rebuilding of a food system that enables us to pursue our cultural practices of growing food, that protects our land and waters, while being climate friendly. As a community leader, I want to share a learning journey with others that enables us to work together towards addressing food justice.