Mick Rose

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About Mick

Ya’aat’eeh, Shi ei Mick Rose Yinishye’, Hoogan Lani Nishli doo Naaki Dine’e Bashishiin, White Buffalo Omaha de shi Nali doo Billagaana de shi Chei. My name is Mick Rose. I am from the Dine Nation, Omaha Nation and Pawnee Nation. I am from agricultural nation and have always wanted to steward land and been passionate about food justice in my community. I grew up in what is called a “food desert” in the middle of the actual desert of Dinetah, what americans call the Navajo Nation.

My passion for food sovereignty is informed by my upbringing on my ancestral lands in Dinetah as well the work I do now in the field of social justice. I work at a local Indigenous organization and have slowly been building a Healing space, Garden and Community Gathering space that is informed by community input, needs and wants. This is a small start of something that will be a huge transition for the land and our community. This Fellowship would provide the skills, network and conversation to help bring this project further along than I can in my personal learning. I desire and look forward to learning and growing in community and hope this fellowship will be the space for that in my personal journey.