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Ecotrust works to foster resilience from the ground up.

In everything we do, we work to create systemic responses to systemic challenges — a culture of resilience. A culture that adapts to the ever-changing world around us, inspiring innovation, seeking diversity, and sharing ideas and resources equitably.

At Ecotrust, we see the many faces of change — in our climate, in our culture, in our connections to one another. And, we believe resilience — the capacity to influence and adapt to change — is essential to meeting these changes and the challenges they present.

  • Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center

    721 NW 9th Avenue (between Irving St. and Johnson St.) Portland, OR 97209
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Building this culture begins at home.

…in the forests and coasts, cities and communities, mountains and rivers that surround us. It is a culture that operates at multiple scales — from the individual to the community to the regional to the global. Our approach is designed around what we see as three powerful pathways for change: knowledge, technology, and capital.


Meet our team.

We are an ambitious bunch. Scientists and storytellers, inventors and analysts, technologists, tinkerers, bushwhackers, and big thinkers. We make maps and software apps. We manage forests and investment funds; connect local farmers and fishermen with local eaters. And we convene communities around ideas that matter. Learn more about the Ecotrust team and find out about opportunities to work with us.

Place matters.

In the late 1990s, when we realized we needed a new home and the world needed a natural model of building, we bought a 100-year-old warehouse.

Originally constructed as a warehouse in 1895, we used 98 percent of the original materials to rebuild it into “The Natural Capital Center” with the help of an extraordinary gift from philanthropist and founding board member Jean Vollum.

Today, the Natural Capital Center stands as a pioneer of green building and is Ecotrust’s headquarters, but also is home to over two dozen social enterprises that are changing the way we live, work, and do business.

Innovation, adaptation, & evolution.

Our history at Ecotrust is a story of innovation, adaptation, and evolution. In 1991, our founder Spencer Beebe turned his attention from protecting rainforests in the Amazon to the rainforests of home, working with a group of Haisla elders and committed partners to save 800,000 acres of coastal temperate rainforest in the Kitlope Valley in British Columbia.

The Kitlope is a story of people intimately connected to place — a guiding principle for all of our work at Ecotrust that has forged a new path for conservation and economic development in America. Today, we are an innovation engine for new ideas, technologies, capital instruments, and networks that drive social, economic, and environmental change.

Why give?

Ecotrust is different. And what we do with your donation is different.

Ecotrust has more than two decades of experience creating systemic change and real impacts for the communities we serve. Your gift will directly support work to build a new economy — one that restores nature and invests in people.

“Hold those things that tell your history and protect them… The ability to have somebody to tell your story is so important. It says: ‘I was here’.” – Maya Angelou

From award-winning magazines to books on the bioregion to technical reports, we have more than 30 publications that tell stories of home.

We believe it takes a diverse mix of business models and capital sources to drive the change we seek. Ecotrust is a hybrid organization with more than two dozen for-profit and nonprofit entities in our organizational family.

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