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Being Accountable & celebrating our Impact

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Above: Ecotrust staff and board gathering at Wapato Island Farm in late summer 2022Photo credit: Jason Hill

Explore ways we are measuring and sharing our impact.

We are accountable to ourselves, our partners, and our community for our contributions to an equitable, prosperous, climate-smart future. There are many ways to measure impact and different ways that impact is expressed and felt. We invite you to explore our materials including indicators data, Equity at Ecotrust, and our Annual Report. And we welcome you to share your feedback.

Where has our work fed transformation? Where has it fallen short or caused harm? Telling stories of impact with clarity and specificity is a practice of hope and accountability.

—Olivia M. Rebanal, Chief Impact Officer

Explore our materials

Measuring Our Impact

As a data-driven approach, we collect, analyze, and share “indicators” of impact across our organization. 

Equity at Ecotrust

Read about our ongoing work to center racial equity in our organization and our programmatic strategies. 

Shared Agreements

Ecotrust staff created these shared agreements in 2019, and we use them daily to put our commitments to center equity  into action. 


Financial Statements

Our annual financial statements and IRS form 990 are available for 2021 and 2022.

Org structures

Ecotrust is a dynamic nonprofit with several for-profit subsidiaries, all working together for greatest impact. 

Book cover that reads "2022 Annual Report, Ecotrust"

Annual Report

Our Annual Report combines financial reporting and partner recognition with stories of impact. All past reports are hosted in our Publications.

Your feedback welcome

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