Forest Bank

A digital illustration showing plots of forestland surrounding a building that says "Forest Bank"

We explore how community-centered management, operationalized by a unique financial model, can lead the way toward climate resilience.

Maps that Matter

A map of the Kitlope watershed

Maps have always been at the heart of Ecotrust’s work to better connect people to the places they live.

The Bullitt Center

A multistory building of modern design

Cities are an integral part of nature. The Bullitt Center demonstrates this principle by blurring the lines between buildings and nature, and giving back more of nature’s benefits than it consumes.

Forestry Tech

A photo of a person standing at a podium teaching a classroom with computer users

Tools and technology to help forest and land managers make decisions

Tribal Forestry Workforce Development

A photo of a person felling a large tree

Bringing together partners with from economic, natural resource management, research, and education backgrounds to address urban and community tribal forestry workforce needs

Ecotrust CDE & New Markets Tax Credit

Two biologists working outdoors put a small metal band on the leg of a fuzzy Wedge-tailed Shearwater chick

Mobilizing New Markets Tax Credits for projects that strengthen climate resilience, intergenerational wealth-building, and lands and waters stewardship.

Embodied Carbon

Actionable data to facilitate market connections for climate-smart wood producers

Green Workforce Academy

Six students paddling a canoe with two guides. One in front and one in back.

A paid opportunity for Black, Native, and people of color in Portland who want to learn more about jobs in the green economy.

Systemic Barriers to Land Access

Supporting American Farmland Trust in providing training for agricultural service providers on systemic barriers to land access and tools for choosing creative land access models

Local Link

Bringing together a growing network committed to building thriving local economies, vibrant urban and rural communities, and equitable access to good food

Farm to School

Working with a statewide network to support farm to school programming in Oregon

BIPOC Farm to Market Program

A training program for farmers and producers who are Black, African, Indigenous, and people of color in the Portland Metro area