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Ecotrust Investments

For more than twenty years, Ecotrust has been
putting its money where its mouth is.

Our deep place-based expertise and strong programmatic engagement inform our investments in lively cities, functioning ecosystems, meaningful employment, and healthy, local, and diverse sources of food, water, and energy.

After the most widespread and severe economic crisis in two generations, and in the face of unequivocal evidence that planetary life support systems are threatened with collapse, this work is more important than ever. Damage mitigation, incremental structural and policy reform, and protracted campaigns for incomplete protections of lands and waters are as obviously inadequate as they are well-intentioned.

Instead, we invest in the world we want to see — enterprises and institutions that express our longing for resilience, creativity, inter-generational security, and community. In partnership with philanthropic capital searching for accountability and solutions, and private capital searching for coherent mission-related strategies, our investments move initiatives from the think-tank to the do-tank, from innovative demonstration to essential transformation.

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Managing Director of Ecotrust Investments


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