Supporting healthy oceans and coastal communities

The ocean hosts a dazzling array of life and serves as an invaluable natural resource, all the while contributing 2.3 million jobs and $138 billion annually to the U.S. economy alone. By 2025, an estimated 6 billion people will live within 50 miles of the sea around the world. How will all these people live and eat, while protecting marine resources for future generations? Well-managed fisheries will play a huge role.

At Ecotrust, we invest in fisheries networks and local organizations that actively pursue innovation in the stewardship of fisheries, marine ecosystems and watersheds.

We work to strengthen the conservation of regional marine and freshwater ecosystems, recognize and improve community stewardship, support the livelihoods of fishermen, grow collaborative businesses, create financing mechanisms for community-based fisheries, and evolve fisheries management policies.

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Fisheries & Food Systems Program Manager


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