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Host your event with Ecotrust.

Originally constructed as a warehouse in 1895, our home in Portland’s Pearl District is a landmark green building that has hosted over 500 events a year and 5 million visitors since our doors opened in 2001.

When you host your event at the Natural Capital Center, you support our nonprofit work to build a new economy that holds people and nature at its heart. Call or email to get started.

The Billy Frank, Jr. Conference Center is our primary gathering place.

An 1,800-square-foot room with a lofty ceiling and exposed beams, our conference center can divide or open to accommodate ten to 200 people. Come hatch your next big idea, build new partnerships, explore what matters to you, dance, feast, and celebrate any occasion, small or momentous. At night and on the weekends, you can overflow your event beyond the conference center into our atrium and up to our rooftop terrace. Let your imagination run wild. Conference center details

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Who is Billy Frank, Jr.?

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Billy Frank, Jr. was a Nisqually Indian from Olympia, Washington who was arrested more than 50 times in the 1960s and 1970s while fighting to uphold tribal fishing rights. In the decades since, he became one of our country’s most sincere and effective voices for clean water, flourishing salmon populations, and collaboration rather than isolation. Billy Frank, Jr. passed away on May 5, 2014. We honor him with our primary event space.

Learn more about Billy Frank Jr.

Our rooftop terrace is a park in the sky.

One of the few rooftop terraces for rent in the city, the 2,240-square-foot space is both welcoming and arresting. The city skyline sets the stage, and the native plants growing in containers around the perimeter bring in nature. To the north and south, our living roof takes in the rain, and at the very center of the space is a fireplace.

Our terrace is a magical place to host open-air brunches, cocktail parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies, barbecues, and more. Mark a special occasion by bringing it four stories into the air. Terrace details

On rare occasions, we rent our parking lot for epic celebrations. Want to gather 500 to 1,000 people? Pitch us your most creative idea, and let’s talk

Celebrate your love in the heart of Portland — in space and spirit.

The city skyline and garden atmosphere make our rooftop terrace a striking, memorable place for your wedding ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, or brunch. One floor beneath, our conference center can become the venue for a feast, live band, and dance party.

One of Portland’s most seasonal, sustainable caterers is ready to bring the meal of your dreams to life, whether that means grilling a whole pasture-raised hog in our outdoor stairwell — as the smell wafts up to your guests — or covering tables in Northwest cheeses and freshly baked pies.

As for travel, your guests have it easy! They can hop the streetcar to our front door. Check out our numerous travel options to suit everyone’s needs. We’re doing the invisible work to make environmentally sound choices that will quietly complement your wedding. Reach out to us for more information

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We’ve curated a list of Portland’s most sustainable caterers to meet your budget, event format, and style.

These caterers share Ecotrust’s commitment to building a robust regional food system that is environmentally sound, socially just, and economically viable.

They have proven their merit by consistently working directly with local farmers, ranchers, fishers, and foragers to create menus filled with local and seasonal ingredients; creating healthy work environments for their employees; and minimizing energy use and waste, which includes providing leftover food to people experiencing food insecurity.

All events that provide catering must select from this list. Wedding-related events must contract with one of the full service caterers. All other events may contract with either a full service or limited service caterer. Please contact the caterers directly to discuss menus, pricing, and contracts. Book an event now

What do we mean when we call our building “green"?

A decade ago, when we renovated a 100-year-old warehouse, our priorities were both to honor and share its deep history and to utilize the best environmental building technologies and materials.

The Natural Capital Center is our way of making real our commitment to building from our past to create a future that is more reliably prosperous for people and nature. Now that this place exists, we uphold that commitment through our daily choices. Contact our events team to learn more

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We’re the first historic renovation in the nation to become Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certified. We are PGE Earth Advantage Certified (now known as Earth Advantage). During renovation, if we couldn’t reclaim wood from the existing structure or a nearby desconstruction, we sourced Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood.

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We are a RecycleWorks Award Recipient. We have a compost bin and comprehensive recycling containers.

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98% of our building’s storm water is managed on-site through our bioswales and ecoroof, which also helps regulate our building’s temperature. This means it stays out of the Willamette River, where it doesn’t belong. We are the first privately owned building in Oregon to install waterless urinals.

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We’ve banned the use of plastic water bottles in our event facility. We have ample bike parking. We’re a stop on the Portland Streetcar line. We use self-adjusting lighting sensors, solar panels, and increased access to natural light sources.

We offer nonprofits with limited means the opportunity to apply
for free use of our event spaces.

Imagine: A public celebration overflowing with engaged families. A panel conversation that delves deeply into issues you care about. A training or workshop. A dance performance with live music. A collection of micro-entrepreneurs sampling their finest homemades.

Ecotrust’s Community Grants offer nonprofits with limited means the opportunity to use our event spaces, free of cost. We see mutual benefit: We want to help you accomplish your goals, and we want you to bring inspiring life to our event spaces. We partner with groups of all sizes to share the creativity and drive that make our community great. Ecotrust is committed to creating a vibrant building that promotes equity and honors diversity. We see this as an opportunity to hear the voices of under-served sectors of our region and provide a gathering place for meaningful exchanges.

We have awarded all Community Grants for 2017. Applications for 2018 Community Grants will open in January. Please check back then! Find out how to apply

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