We offer nonprofits with limited means the opportunity to apply
for free use of our event spaces.

Imagine: A public celebration overflowing with engaged families. A panel conversation that delves deeply into issues you care about. A training or workshop. A dance performance with live music. A collection of micro-entrepreneurs sampling their finest homemades.

Ecotrust’s Community Grants offer nonprofits with limited means the opportunity to use our event spaces, free of cost. We see mutual benefit: We want to help you accomplish your goals, and we want you to bring excitement to our event spaces. We partner with groups of all sizes to share the creativity and drive that make our community great.  Ecotrust is committed to creating a vibrant building that promotes equity and honors diversity. We see this as an opportunity to hear the voices of undeserved sectors of our region and provide a gathering place for meaningful exchanges. 

Award Amount and Parameters

Community Grant recipients will be awarded a one-day venue rental in the Natural Capital Center. Awards will cover the cost of the rental, which includes our standard amenities and services (see above). Awards will not cover additional expenses that may be incurred as a result of holding your event at the Natural Capital Center. This may include, but is not limited to, catering fees and outside equipment rental fees.

How we select grant recipients:

We have an open application cycle that spans each calendar year. Proposals for the 2016 Community Grants are accepted throughout the year for events occurring before December 31, 2016. For your application to be considered, your materials must be submitted at least four weeks prior to your proposed event date. Ecotrust will respond to all inquiries within ten business days of receipt. At any time during the year, we may reach our maximum award amount and close the grant process for the remainder of the year.

Preference will go to proposals for events that are:

  • Mission-driven and invest in the community in a positive way
  • Planned by or directly benefiting a local nonprofit organization
  • Inclusive of a diverse sector of participants and target audience
  • Hosted by organizations that would otherwise be unable to afford the cost of venue fees
  • A good logistical fit for Ecotrust’s Billy Frank, Jr. Conference Center and/or Rooftop Terrace

Additional consideration will be given for:

  • Events that are open to the public
  • Events that are free or charge a nominal fee
  • Events that are unabashedly hopeful in nature
  • Events that have a solid marketing and community outreach plan

Please note that Ecotrust offers an exclusive catering list. Ecotrust allows self-catered events when specific purchasing and logistical guidelines are met, but all events within our space that include a hired caterer must select from our list. Review these options prior to submitting your application, and base your budget on actual pricing estimates. Awardees that provide their own alcoholic beverages will need to provide OLCC-licensed servers and liquor liability insurance. Please inquire for additional information.

Awards are granted for the specific date (or range of dates) contained in the proposal. Any change to the date of the event will require a re-evaluation, and may result in the loss of the grant.

The Community Grant program cannot accommodate weekend rentals (Friday evening through Sunday).

If your organization receives a grant in 2017, you will be eligible for another grant in 2019.

Application Process

Please send a cover letter and a completed application via email (preferred) or to the mailing address below.

Ecotrust Community Grant 2017 Application

Tess Blessman
Event and Sales Manager

Ecotrust Event Spaces
721 NW 9th Ave., Ste. 200
Portland, OR 97209