We offer nonprofits with limited means the opportunity to apply
for free use of our event spaces.

All Community Grants have been awarded for 2019. Stay tuned for the dates of Vibrant Voices, our open house event where you will hear from the 2019 awardees and learn more about the program. This is where you can find the 2020 application when it becomes available.  If you have any questions, please contact Tess at tblessman@ecotrust.org. We would love to work with you! The Ecotrust Community Grant Program is an annual open-application cycle that awards ten grants per year: six for the Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center and the Rooftop Terrace, two for the Irving Street Studio (opening in April), and two for the Redd on Salmon Street. The grant cycle remains open until all grants are awarded. All grant applications will be reviewed within ten business days from the date they are received. Ecotrust’s Community Grants offer nonprofits with limited means the opportunity to use our event spaces, free of cost. We see mutual benefit: we want to help you accomplish your goals, and we want you to bring inspiring life to our event spaces. We partner with groups of all sizes to share the creativity and drive that make our community great. Ecotrust is committed to creating vibrant buildings that promote equity and honor diversity. The grant seeks to center the priorities and voices of communities of color and gives preference to applicants who demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity around race. Additional consideration will be given to events that bring equity to issues of gender, class, socioeconomic status, and ability. We see this as an opportunity to hear the voices of under-resourced sectors of our region and provide a gathering place for meaningful exchanges.