Aaron Vargas

Program Director of Food Systems Equity

Aaron was a member of Ecotrust’s Food and Farms and Food Systems Equity team from 2017-2024.

I have 10 years of experience working at the intersection of community food systems and racial equity. Previously, I was a farm worker on small farms in the Mid-Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area and managed a farmers market in Springfield, Ore. run by the Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation. As a biracial Chicano (Mexican-American), I bring an understanding of food system inequities and how privilege and oppression are maintained. As the program director for equity-centered food systems programmatic work at Ecotrust, I co-create new bodies of work at the intersections of food and land justice.

Pronouns: he/él

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Aaron reflects on how his identity, food, and community inspire his work building equitable, regional food systems here in the Pacific Northwest.

Featured Projects

A cohort-based program designed for aspiring and experienced leaders of color working to build equitable, climate-resilient food systems

A training program for farmers and producers who are Black, African, Indigenous, and people of color in the Portland Metro area