Akshay Hariprasad

Operations Associate

As an Operations Associate, I’m part of the Ecotrust Investments team. My work involves asset management for all three of Ecotrust’s properties, support for food-related business projects, and back-end systems and policy creation. My professional background was working in nonprofit with a focus on racial justice in education. I’m a queer non-binary South Indian and appreciate connecting with others around culture and lifestyle. I love moving my body and immersing myself in nature!

Pronouns: they/them
Location: Portland, OR
Email: ahariprasad@ecotrust.org

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A two-block campus located in Portland’s Central Eastside, the Redd on Salmon Street is a vibrant hub and a world-class event center.

The Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center is a place to experience connections between nature, commerce, and community.

Featured Projects

Connecting BIPOC-owned food businesses with hospital food buyers ready to go local