Allison Brinkhorst

Development Operations Manager

I design tools, manage campaigns and systems, and facilitate meetings that enable Ecotrust to raise resources and advance our mission. Since I joined Ecotrust in 2015, I have also served on our Equity Working Group and facilitated Courageous Conversations and Anti-Racism Learning & Action Groups. I earned my BA from Grinnell College and a Masters of Nonprofit Management from University of Oregon. I bring together my lesbian and spiritual identities by serving as board chair of enfleshed and leverage my privilege by organizing white & wealthy people in the Northwest to shift power and resources through anti-racist giving. Some things that nourish me are morning walks with my gregarious pit bull; growing food in my backyard; holding hands with my wife, Becca; and homemade rhubarb crisp.

Pronouns: she/her
Location: Portland, OR

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Spiritual nourishment for collective liberation

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