Angela McGregor Hedstrom

Community Food Systems Manager

I work to connect school nutrition professionals, food producers, educators, and community partners to increase access to locally sourced and culturally relevant foods in meals and learning activities, in early childhood and beyond. My goal is to support school food programs and educational environments (including the cafeteria) that are deeply rooted in racial equity, belonging, joy, and wonder. I’m a visual learner and need space and time to process and reflect. Sometimes this space is cultivated via hand sewing, letter writing, plant loving, note taking, walking, and/or laying down.

Pronouns: she/her
Location: Portland, OR

Ecotrust Teams:


Angela’s testimony shared during Oregon’s 2020 legislative session that would determine ongoing support for farm to school and school garden grant programming.

For more than a decade, Ecotrust advanced farm to school and school garden programs in Oregon through legislative action.

Angela co-authored this guide to jump-start farm to preschool in any region.

Featured Projects

Nourishing and educating children ages 0-5 in the garden, at the table, and in the classroom

Working with a statewide network to support farm to school programming in Oregon

Local Link brings together a growing network committed to building thriving local economies, vibrant urban and rural communities, and equitable access to good food.