Cat Goughnour

Ecotrust Board Chair

For over 12 years, Cat Goughnour has worked with the leadership of organizations acting to reduce barriers to equity, justice, and human rights. By building community capacity through strategic design, technical assistance and relationships, Cat’s work aims to heal symptoms by changing systems, creating healthy, complete, thriving communities through social and economic transformation.

Cat is the Associate Director, Racial Wealth Equity at Prosperity Now, where she is lead strategist on racial economic and wealth equity with a focus on communities of color and low- and moderate-income people. She designs, develops, and implements human-centered community economic development programs that build organizational capacity to operationalize, monitor and evaluate impact. After serving as instructional designer, technical assistance provider, and coach for the African American Financial Capability Initiative, Cat now manages several national projects as part of the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative.

Since 2014, Cat has owned and operated Radix Consulting Group, LLC, specializing in human rights, racial equity, and social justice consulting and strategic planning. As an intermediary, she specializes in multi-stakeholder economic development research, programs, and policy development. She has been recognized by the Oregon Association of Planners for leadership in affordable housing advocacy and by the City of Portland’s Human Rights Commission for her work to mitigate gentrification through the Right 2 Root System for Equitable Development project. She is a certified Beegle Poverty Coach, racial justice facilitator, and published researcher with a Master of Science in Sociology from London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Political Philosophy from Portland State University.

Location: Washington, D.C.

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Right2Root is a community-led approach designed for community members affected by displacement and gentrification to work with planners, architects and other progressive firms to become architects of our own lives, communities, families and futures.

Cat is the Associate Director, Racial Wealth Equity at Prosperity Now.

On our blog, we share our conversation with Cat, as she reflects her career, her family history in rural Oregon and Portland, and the eclectic influences that have shaped her approach to community-led placemaking.

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