David Diaz

Director of Forestry Technology & Analytics

David’s last day at Ecotrust was February 9, 2024.
I am a student of trees and forests. At Ecotrust, I lead work with diverse partners to learn from and find practical, ethical, and data-driven solutions for complex forestry problems. Over my career, I have evolved from work as a reporter on forest carbon markets, science, and policy, into a forest modeler, ecosystem data scientist, and software engineer. Though my people and spirit are rooted in south Texas, I have found my way in the Pacific Northwest since coming out to Oregon State University to study soil science in 2006. I am based in Seattle since 2016, where you can find me and my wife Abby learning along with our dog Melvin to take more deep breaths and hunt truffles.

Pronouns: he/him
Location: Seattle, WA
Email: ddiaz@ecotrust.org

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David Diaz connects the dots between carbon recapture in forests and the benefit to green builders who invest in climate-smart wood products.

David co-authored this report looking at the relationship between forest land ownership, timber production, and climate in the Pacific Northwest.

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