Emilie Chen

Communications Manager

At Ecotrust, I’m a content creator and communicator. I maintain our social media channels, create blog and visual content, and support the organization with writing and design needs. Before coming to Ecotrust, I worked as a project coordinator in public health research and briefly as a field technician in wildlife research. As a second-generation Taiwanese American settler, who grew up in one of the largest Taiwanese diasporic communities in the US, I’ve found cooking to be important for connecting to my roots, and birdwatching important for connecting to place.

Pronouns: she/her
Location: Portland, OR
Email: echen@ecotrust.org

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I maintain Ecotrust’s social media channels. Find links here.

Check out my nature photography on Instagram

In 2021, I collaborated with Ecotrust staff who are of Asian descent to share readings and writings that resonate with their unique experiences in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

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