Jocelyn Tutak

Senior Spatial Analyst & Cartographer

Jocelyn Tutak’s last day at Ecotrust was October 2, 2023.

I’m a pattern finder and translator. At Ecotrust, I use my community-based conservation and ecology background with mapping and analytical skills. I look for patterns in data, the land, and human experiences that might tell us where good things are happening—or could happen next. Then I translate those patterns into stories, maps, and tools that support communities working toward ecologically and culturally restorative lands and waters stewardship. I’m also a knitter, a reader, an explorer—and I’m learning how those identities take new shapes as a parent.

Pronouns: she/they
Location: Portland, OR
Phone: 503.467.0750

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Jocelyn is on the board of SCGIS, a global community of conservation GIS practitioners.

Learn more about Jocelyn’s skills and background.

Jocelyn helped develop this interactive mapping tool to highlight opportunities to protect drinking water on the Oregon coast.

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