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Kaitlyn Rich

Director of Community Asset Development

At Ecotrust, I use my experiences as a multiracial, Korean-American woman, Virgo-sun, writer, designer, strategist, and analyst to develop programming that increases access to resources and capital for BIPOC-led, community-driven projects. I’m interested in the ways we can collectively practice abundance, equitably redistribute wealth, and create a just economy. Prior to joining Ecotrust, I worked for a decade as a designer and creative director, practicing systems and design thinking for client projects. I received my MBA, with a focus on social entrepreneurship and impact, from Portland State University. When I’m not working, I’m foraging in the woods, rock climbing, and busy saying hi to all the dogs or giving belly rubs to my blue heeler pup.

Pronouns: she/her
Location: Bend, OR

Ecotrust Teams:


In 2019, Kaitlyn talked to Eli Marroquin about his experience so far at the Redd and the inspiration behind his business, Portland Pupusas y Taquería.

Kaitlyn talked to the co-founders of Ground Up Nut Butters in 2021 about moving into their own headquarters and reflecting on the positive impact of the Redd on Salmon Street for small businesses.

Featured Projects

Building broadly shared, intergenerational wealth with our region’s communities

Connecting BIPOC-owned food businesses with hospital food buyers ready to go local