Nathan Kadish

Managing Director of Ecotrust Investments

I work with a fantastic team to deploy capital and steward financial assets in ways that support Ecotrust’s operations and align with its Strategic Plan. Our team manages real estate, Ecotrust’s endowment investments, Ecotrust Community Development Entity’s New Markets Tax Credit program, and our Community Asset Development offering. I also work closely with Ecotrust Events and others at Ecotrust that are engaged with business initiatives. I love connecting with project partners and learning how to leverage Ecotrust’s resources to enable community wealth building. Prior to my work with Ecotrust, I have worked in mergers and acquisitions, management consulting, and nonprofit advocacy. My partner and I are parents to three spirited children and enjoy being outside together gardening, camping, and exploring the bioregion.

Pronouns: he/him
Location: Portland, OR

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Featured Projects

Mobilizing New Markets Tax Credits for projects that strengthen climate resilience, intergenerational wealth-building, and lands and waters stewardship.

Building broadly shared, intergenerational wealth with our region’s communities