Sarah Cline

Creative Director

I am part of the Communications team and work across the organization to support design and communication needs—everything from web design to neon signs. I love connecting with and learning from my incredible co-workers and Ecotrust partners. I have a particular affinity for listening to the needs of a group and developing empathetic design strategies. I spent formative years at People’s Food Co-op, gaining a love of cooperative ownership and worker collectives. I am a mother and part of the unschooling community. I am always learning about de-centering whiteness, liberation, and healing. I believe in power with, not power over.

Pronouns: she/her
Location: Portland, OR

Ecotrust Teams:


Upholding the power of culture over the culture of power since 2011

Protecting the safety and dignity of people under guardianship care

Featured Projects

Cataloging, sharing, and visualizing ocean data and trends on the West Coast

Partnering with Tribes to improve the digital continuity of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge