Stacey Sobell

Director of People and Culture

Stacey’s last day at Ecotrust was March 22, 2024.

I am passionate about people — what makes them tick and what helps them thrive. I’m fortunate to have transitioned from almost a decade of work at Ecotrust focused on building local food systems into a role focused on supporting our people. I am thrilled in my current role to help us work towards our strategic goals to become an anti-racist organization and build a culture of belonging. With our small team size, I do a little bit of everything, but the things that really get me going are finding new humans to join our team, helping our staff thrive in the workplace, building out policies that support a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture, and coaching people to lean into their strengths.

Outside of work, I am mom to an energetic toddler and two sassy cats, all of whom help me to be mindful and laugh every day. Along with my partner and son, I love to explore all the bounty that the Northwest has to offer, whether that be trails, rivers, and mountains, farmers markets, or delicious meals. I’m always eager to try new things, but at present I ground myself through cooking, yoga, exercise, growing green things, travel, and music. I’m also deeply devoted to improving my ability to be a brave and compassionate communicator — at work, at home, and in my communities.

Pronouns: she/her
Location: Portland, OR

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