Tyson Rasor

Food and Fish Senior Program Manager

As the Fisheries & Food Systems Program Manager, I work at the intersection of community, fisheries, and food systems. I enjoy allying with communities and partners to support resilient value chains that enable growth of social, environmental, and economic wealth. Before coming to Ecotrust, I volunteered with the Peace Corps (2009-2011), where I worked with fishing communities in Morocco. That experience has been a strong influence on my values and drive to support community-based fisheries. I enjoy being outdoors and exploring the world or my own backyard, whether it be by foot, paddle, bike, or boat. Some of my favorite memories are made around the dinner table.

Pronouns: he/him
Location: Bay City, OR
Email: trasor@ecotrust.org

Ecotrust Teams:


Tyson authored this 2017 study comparing the taste and quality of fresh versus frozen fish.

Tyson asks William Spoonhunter (Yakama) and Christina White (Caddo), owners of Native Candy, about the vision for their seafood business that sells quality fresh and smoked salmon.

Pacific Northwest ranchers and seafood businesses experience significant challenges in reaching institutional markets. Tyson co-authored this report evaluating a multi-pronged approach to address these barriers.

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