Edible Portland honors six local food heroes
Release Date: 06-13-2014

June 13, 2014;  Portland, Oregon — Last night, Edible Portland, a quarterly magazine of the nonprofit Ecotrust, honored six businesses and nonprofits with its annual Local Hero Awards at the Ecotrust Natural Capital Center. Social entrepreneur Nell Newman paid tribute to twenty-four Local Hero Award nominees, and congratulated the Local Hero Award winners:  Nossa Familia Coffee, Sun Gold Farm, Tabor Bread, Portland Fruit Tree Project, The Side Yard Farm & Kitchen, and Linnton Feed & Seed.

“This bold, imaginative community gives me hope for humanity,” Newman told the gathered crowd of more than 300.

Following the awards ceremony, the group feasted on barbecued local meat and seafood from some of Portland’s top chefs, sipped local beer and wine, and ate their way through a hall of pie.

Since 2009, the Local Heroes Awards have recognized those in our community who are pushing the envelope of the local food movement. This year, outstanding nominees from Oregon and Southwest Washington exemplified high standards in their social and environmental practices, food sourcing, regional economic impact, and commitment to promoting a resilient food system. Awards were handed out in six categories: Farm, Restaurant, Food Artisan, Beverage Artisan, Nonprofit, and Retailer.

More than 3,100 people cast their votes to select this year’s Local Heroes.

“The overwhelming response from the food community – both purveyors and eaters – shows how much Portland values sound practices and locally owned food businesses,” says Laura Ford, editor of Edible Portland. “The award grows in stature, year after year. And our food entrepreneurs continue to raise the bar on innovation and commitment to their community and their environment.”




Nossa Familia Coffee is a family-owned company that understands the importance of true vertical integration, from growing the crop to processing the product to selling the beverage. They are also dedicated to building relationships within their industry and educating drinkers about their coffee.


Sun Gold Farm is a family farm that successfully transitioned its farming practices from conventional use of pesticides and fertilizers to reliance on crop rotations to build organic matter. They are also dedicated to a 500-member CSA program and are beloved vendors at many regional farmers’ markets.


Tabor Bread is a neighborhood bakery that is helping to revitalize a local grain economy by sourcing directly from farmers, milling whole grains in-house, and baking breads that have unmatched nutrition, freshness, and flavor.


Portland Fruit Tree Project is a nonprofit that is strengthening our community and increasing equitable access to healthful food. It has been a leader in community education and has collected nearly 200,000 pounds of fruit that would otherwise go to waste.


The Side Yard Farm & Kitchen is an urban farm, supper club, and catering company all in one that is dedicated to a hyper-local foodshed, collaboration and education.


Linnton Feed & Seed is a farm and garden supply store that has been open since 1946. Under the current owner, Dan Cadmus, who is known for his animal care knowledge and expertise, the store experienced a shift from a chemical-heavy outpost to one with a vision for sustainability.



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