Edible Portland to continue under Free Range Media
Release Date: 04-21-2016

Alex Corcoran
Free Range Media

PORTLAND, Ore. – April 21, 2016 – Edible Portland, published by Ecotrust for the past eight years and one of 90 Edible magazines across the United States and Canada licensed by Edible Media, Inc., will return to newsstands on September 1st under a new publisher, Alex Corcoran of Free Range Media.

“Alex has a great track record of success managing Edible publications, starting with Edible Rhody and continuing with Edible Seattle,” said Eric Thorkilsen, CEO of Edible Media. “His capacity to immerse himself in the local food community—forming solid relationships with small businesses and attracting a devoted readership—suggests a great future for Edible Portland.”

Launched in 2006 as one of the first ten Edibles in the nation, Edible Portland has been at the leading edge of what has now become a vibrant local food movement in the Northwest and has been central to Ecotrust’s efforts to build a robust regional food system.

During its tenure as publisher, Ecotrust grew the magazine’s readership to more than 80,000 with 38 issues of award-winning stories on a range of topics, including the farm to school movement, the state of Oregon’s fisheries, farm worker rights, First Foods, and ever-popular seasonal recipes. More than 200 local businesses, such as New Seasons Market, Bob’s Red Mill, and New Deal Distillery, partnered with Ecotrust as Edible Portland advertisers and sponsors, growing both the community and marketplace for local food.

Today, Ecotrust announced the sale of the magazine to Free Range Media, which publishes affiliate Edible Seattle, led by Alex Corcoran. After publishing Edible Seattle for nine years, Corcoran is enthusiastic about getting involved with Portland’s renowned food community.

“The presence of food is so powerful in Portland,” Corcoran said. “I love the city and its culinary scene—it’s a great place to be a food lover. I’m looking forward to building on Edible Portland’s great track record, telling new stories and inviting new businesses to be a part of bringing it back to newsstands.”

Ecotrust’s decision to sell the magazine resulted from a strategic shift in the nonprofit’s food system focus, including the development of the Redd on Salmon Street, a two-block campus in Portland’s Central Eastside designed to provide the essential infrastructure for regional producers to connect with urban markets.

“Our primary goal in finding a new home for Edible Portland was that the magazine would continue to have longevity as a strong storytelling resource for this incredible region we live in,” said Ecotrust’s Vice President of Engagement, Carolyn Holland. “Alex will be a great partner as stories begin to emerge from the Redd and Ecotrust’s other food and farms projects.”

For more information on advertising or subscribing to Edible Portland, contact Alex Corcoran at alex@edibleportland.com.


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