New book by Ecotrust founder calls for “Natural Economies”
Release Date: 12-14-2010

PORTLAND, Ore. — Ecotrust today announced the publication of Cache: Creating Natural Economies, a book by Ecotrust founder Spencer B. Beebe that calls for the creation of “natural economies” and new institutions that can better serve the fundamental needs of both people and place in the 21st century.

Cache is available now in hardcover and paperback from the following retailers:

Until January 1, 2011, Cache is available as an ebook from Apple for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for just .99 cents. After January 1, the ebook price returns to $9.99. Photos are available for free on Flickr:

Author and Ecotrust president Spencer B. Beebe believes that a more reliable prosperity will elude us until we change our relations with each other and with the rest of the natural world.Cache provides on-the-ground examples of how we can do this.

The book is a trove of stories and photographs from Beebe’s near four decades pioneering new approaches to conservation and development with such personal heroes as grizzly bear biologist John Craighead, godfather of Costa Rica’s national parks Alvaro Ugalde, and urban theorist Jane Jacobs. Cache includes the inside story of the tumultuous creation of Conservation International, now one of the largest conservation organizations in the world; co-founding the world’s first environmental bank; starting FoodHub, an online marketplace for food buyers and sellers; creating new ways to manage fisheries and forestry; and developing new scientific and integrative systems modeling to improve social, economic and environmental decision-making.

Cache offers a fresh, hopeful perspective at a time when global economic, social and environmental crises are growing. It is a compelling book for business people who wish to build businesses with more than the bottom-line in mind, for conservationists who wish to get practical results in a world not always sympathetic to their goals, and for people who simply love nature and, like Beebe, try to learn from it.

Beebe has led a life rich in adventure and innovation while working in the forefront of the contemporary conservation movement. He worked with The Nature Conservancy on land preservation in the 1970s and on saving tropical rain forests in the 1980s, and in 1987 he co-founded Conservation International. In 1991, he began Ecotrust to help unleash the energy and creativity of local residents in the coastal temperate rain forests of the place he calls home.

Hardcover: ISBN 978-0-9676364-4-3 $29.95 Size: 6 ⅝” x 9 ⅝”
Softcover: ISBN 978-0-9676364-5-0 $19.95 Pages: 264
E-Book: ISBN 978-0-9676364-6-7 $9.99 (.99 until 1/1) Photographs: 120



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