Statement on the Insurrection at the US Capitol
Release Date: 01-07-2021

PORTLAND, Ore. — January 7, 2021 — Ecotrust’s mission to create economic opportunity, social equity, and environmental well-being relies on a foundation of dignity, justice, and democracy. At our best, our nation adheres to these truths as well. But this week, the insurrection at the US Capitol assaulted dignity, justice, and democracy. Ecotrust condemns the people and policies that enabled the actions leading to the insurrection and the terrorists that committed them. 

The insurrection was both unthinkable and regrettably predictable at the same time: We have experienced years of toxic divisiveness, a deeply racist law enforcement system, and a society that has upheld white supremacy. For the future we and our partners want, we must challenge these dangerous, damaging forces.

At the same time, we take heart in the victories we witnessed this week in Georgia, particularly with the election of Reverend Raphael Warnock, the state’s first Black senator. These victories are testaments to the leadership and determination of communities of color, as well as the impact of generations of organizing and the significance of democratic processes. We celebrate these strides in progress and are more committed than ever to constructing the antidote—projects and partnerships for a future that is just, prosperous, and climate-smart.


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