Equity at Ecotrust


In this document, we have brought together the history and current progress of our organization’s work to center equity and evolve our organization and our programs to fully represent and serve the people of our region.

Centering equity at Ecotrust has meant entering into a field that is rich, ongoing, and radiates from the wisdom, experience, and knowledge of the Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other communities of color that call this bioregion home. We acknowledge the many individuals, organizations, and communities that have shaped the visions, goals, and actions recorded in this document.

We invite our community to join with us in our efforts to put equity at the center at Ecotrust. Staff, partners, and funding sources must advance this work together. Conversely, Ecotrust is accountable for our progress towards our goals, and we invite ongoing feedback from partners and community. Thank you for joining with us.

— Equity Working Group