Puget Sound Food Infrastructure Exploration

In 2018, the Bullitt Foundation and the members of Sustainable Communities Funders supported an exploratory project to understand the landscape of infrastructure needs to support a more equitable, restorative, and prosperous food system in the Puget Sound. The objectives of the Puget Sound Food Infrastructure Exploration were: to assess and clarify the need for local food system infrastructure in the Puget Sound region, facilitate a collaborative review that aligns with existing civic programs, provide clear focus on equity and food access, and identify specific opportunities that could warrant further research.

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This exploration consolidates a wide variety of information related to food system infrastructure in the Puget Sound, including past research and current projects, to help a wide variety of stakeholders engage in ongoing and new project development. And finally, this exploration also attempts to highlight where people of color and/or community-based organizations were explicitly engaged, or not, in order to prompt further discussion of whether all relevant perspectives are adequately engaged in the formulation of next steps.

Authors: Amanda Oborne, Katy Pelissier, Yolimar Rivera Vázquez