The Feasibility of Pescatourism in Southeast Alaska

In the spring and summer of 2019, Ecotrust investigated the feasibility of pescatourism in Southeast Alaska. Our focus for defining pescatourism was to ensure its appropriateness to life and culture in Southeast Alaska. Specifically, our study focused on understanding the prospects for building a robust pescatourism sector, including identifying the potential supply and demand for pescatourism services. To accomplish this work, we conducted research on commercial fishing and tourism in Alaska. Then, we interviewed experienced fisheries policy experts to provide high-level thinking and insight about the industry and how tourism fits into commercial fishing in Alaska. With these insights, we identified potential operators interested in this new form of tourism, the range of activities they are able to provide, and assessed the capacity of local actors to develop this market, including entrepreneurs, tribes, and municipal governments. This report details our approach to this investigation and summarizes our findings. The funding to conduct this study was generously provided by the Edgerton Foundation.
Authors: Jon Bonkoski, Laurel Stark