Herbert Young

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About Herbert

Herb Young is my name and staying youthful is my game.

Finding joy in the midst of chaos is something I learned quickly growing up in Chicago. I’m forever grateful to my mother for allowing me to have outlets like martial arts, sports, and music. Productive activities gave me a healthy outlet of expression, but it didn’t keep me out of trouble. Fortunately change is possible, and growth is inevitable.

We decided to turn over a new leaf by moving to Indiana. Organizing peers, public speaking, and teaching in church were a major part of my life by the age of 12. Growth became exponential, and I excelled in leadership roles. Greater responsibilities came once our father was murdered. My leadership and speaking skills shined on the basketball and track teams. I became Team Captain, Class President, Indiana State DECA President, and International DECA President Candidate. This also opened the door for travel and working with corporations like the NCAA, Indianapolis Colts, and Hot 96.3 Radio Station. My gifts, skills, and resources culminated with launching two successful family owned businesses before graduation.

Everything seemed to be heading the best way it could possibly go, until the second half of my senior year. I began to experience a huge health decline due to mental illnesses, sports injuries, trauma, and tuberculosis. One day I woke to my shoulder dislocated. It was the second most excruciating pain of my life. I was inadvertently on a path of self destruction, and only I could redirect my life. I let down many loved ones in the process.

I committed to seeking out solutions for my issues. I began researching how to naturally reverse my depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and tuberculosis. Research pointed towards meditation, breath-work, creativity, and proper nutrition.

Since my brothers were already attending Oregon State University, I figured, why not me too? I had no money for school, yet still I personally reached out to professors to help me learn biochemistry, botany, and pathology. It was a long-shot; however it was my only shot. To my surprise, my thirst for knowledge was welcomed. Professors gave me all the tools and resources needed to learn how to heal myself. Local businesses gave me the food and herbs necessary to cleanse myself, and local farms even allowed me to harvest my own food in exchange for a minimal work. A couple days after taking the herbs and fasting, I experienced tremendous benefits.

Once I started getting results I never looked back. My mission became to pay myself to heal myself and teach others to do the same. I started feeling well enough to begin creating again. I poured my energy into creating a creative healing center like Dr. Sebi.

The first location found its origin in Portland. It was called the Lost House. The Lost House allowed time and space to further heal, learn, connect and be creative while earning a living. The original location was demolished; however now my mission is to put the Lost House on wheels and create hubs everywhere for everyone. It’s something dear to me that I must share. I envision The Lost House to be the place where everybody finds the medicine.