From acknowledgement to action

close up of drum being played with feathered sticks, indigenous community image

STAFF VOICES | In place of a land acknowledgement, Ecotrust staff are asking you to support Indigenous communities by taking action

Celebrating Asian voices

STAFF VOICES | Ecotrust staff who are of Asian descent share readings and writings that resonate with their unique experiences.

Introducing Carson Viles

INTERVIEW | Tribal Network Strategist Carson Viles discusses a growing body of work at Ecotrust around Indigenous stewardship and co-management.

Building back better

Three adults standing near an all-terrain vehicle, in scrub habitat, with a forest behind them.

STAFF VOICES | As we confront the multiple crises here in our home region, we need to think bigger than getting back to “normal”

A conversation with Laurie Dunne

A tablet with a map on the screen.

STAFF VOICES | Indigenous Fellow Laurie Dunne talks about her GIS work, her experience working from home, and her hopes for the future

Home fires burning

STAFF VOICES | As devastating wind-driven fires reshape forest communities up and down the West Coast, a team member reflects on home, partnership, and staying connected.

Statement of support

ANNOUNCEMENTS | Economic opportunity, social equity, and environmental well-being cannot be achieved without racial justice.

Love where you live

STAFF VOICES | This Earth Day, we continue to realize our vision for resilient communities, economies, and ecosystems, in our region and beyond

Update: Farm to School

A blue school lunch tray showing corn chips and salsa, cornbread, fresh blueberries, and salad greens.

INTERVIEW | Angela Hedstrom shares current challenges around keeping farm to school relationships afloat during the COVID-19 crisis.

Update: The Redd on Salmon Street

A man loads cardboard boxes

INTERVIEW | We connect with the Redd campus manager, B-Line founder, and our VP of events and engagement for an update on activities at the Redd campus amid COVID shutdowns.

Welcome Doe Hatfield

Lake, far shore, and rocky mountain with snow patches and an ombre sky. Mountain and sky also reflected in the still lake water

STAFF VOICES | We sit down for a quick Q&A with our new Communications Director, Doe Hatfield

An unexpected dialogue

Wooden granary bunched with several small buildings, surrounded by high desert grasses with mountains in the distance

STAFF VOICES | Amanda Oborne, our VP of Food & Farms, shares lessons she learned on sharing power and privilege while attending a convening of leaders working to create a more equitable and resilient food system

Soul food in southeast Alaska

Flat salt water bay with view flanked by buildings on stilts over the water at image's left and right. Ahead a small island full of evergreens and low rounded mountains blue with white snowcaps. Varied grey sky

STAFF VOICES | “When I hear the words ‘Soul Food,’ I don’t think Louisiana, I think Alaska,” Miakah Nix says.

An organic reformation?

Close-up on hands holding freshly pulled turnips covered in dirt

STAFF VOICES | Our head of Food and Farms reports on what she learned this year at EcoFarm, the Ecological Farming Association conference that has flowered annually in California since 1981.

New connections in our fibershed

Older white woman with white hair shears a black and white goat with long shaggy hair.

STAFF VOICES | There is a growing interest in a regionally-based, responsible fiber economy. And the challenges of scale mirror those in food.